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The Joy Of Creation

About The Joy Of Creation

The Joy Of Creation is inspired by it’s origin game Five Nights At Freddy’s. In this game you have a lot more freedom than in Five Nights At Freddy’s where your task was to control the camera by clicking the mouse and checking the doors by your left and right side. In this horror-survival game is all more scarier just having more freedom and that means that you can now control your character, move him around. This game is set in the house where you have to spend the night and to get you to spend the night and survive it is necessary to find five random items in a huge house and know that in this house you will not be alone. In that house you will be chased by popular villains of Five Nights At Freddy’s: Freddy Fazbear • Bonnie Chica • Foxy Golden Freddy Freddy • Toy • Toy Bonnie • Toy Chica • Mangle • BB • The Puppet • Springtrap. All of these popular and creepy characters will look for you in order to kill you. The Joy of Creation is an indie point-and-click survival horror video game developed by Nikson. TJOC’s Demo was released on the 29th of November 2015


How To Play The Joy Of Creation

You will get a list of where you need to find 5 random things in the house, the task will not be easy because of robotic creatures or Animatronics from Five Nights At Freddy’s that will constantly seek around the house in order to find you. You’ll be able to hear the sound of their footsteps that would be pretty creepy, especially when they start chasing you, the sound of their footsteps will be accelerated, which will raise the adrenaline in your body and scare you, this we guarantee! In this situation it is necessary to run and escape as far away from the robotic creatures who will chasing you from behind. When footsteps of Animatronics goes away that will mean that you lost them. Do not waste your time and search every room in this creepy house in order to find all the things on the list. If you find all things on the list and you don’t get caught by Animatronics then you’ve win the first level and you will move into the next one. We’re not gonna discover you a lot in this horror-survival game, but we can guarantee you that you will be scared and that adrenaline in your body will be significantly raised.

The joy of creation robotic creatures

Conclusion For The Joy Of Creation

If you’ve enjoyed the Five Nights At Freddy’s you will enjoy in the popular The Joy Of Creation survival-horror game that is much scarier than Freddy games. Danger lurks at every turn and on every step and your task is to search the whole house! This horror game will definitely delight you and scare you good! Give your best and prove that you have what it takes to spend the night in this creepy house in which robotic creatures lurks! Can you hear them calling out your name in the darkness? Their own screams once gave you pleasure, but now they’re gonna tear you apart- inch by inch!

The joy of creation final words

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