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The House

The House Ghost

About The House Game

This is point-click horror game which will make your cower. This house is haunted because suicide is committed in 1971.  Every detail of this house contains a dark and chilling story that you have to discover. To find out the mystery of this  unblocked horror game you need to connect every part of this puzzle to reveal the dark side of the story of this house  and the people who once lived in it. This is point-click horror game which means that you will only use your mouse to play it.  This horror game is not for those with weak stomachs or those who can get scare easily, but if you like really scary games then this is the game for you. Prove that you have the courage to play this horrible and gruesome horror game.

The House Ghost

Rules Of The Game

Remember that in this dark and haunted house you will not be alone. Your task is to explore the mystery by collecting clues and reading every letter you encounter. Pay attention to every detail in every room because you can’t miss anything and while searching you need to be silent because someone is there with you who can hear your steps and your breath. This is also a mystery horror game because it’s your task to discover the mystery behind this story. You can check: The Dining room, The Bathroom, The Kitchen, The Living room, The Corridor while in the house.

The house killer with mask

Final Words For The Game

We will not discover you a lot because about this game, it is your task to discover by playing this online horror game. If you’re a fan of horror games in  which you can die every second if you not planes your every move carefully, then this is the right game for you! Be prepared  for anything, various creatures can be hiding in the dark corners of this haunted house. Solve the mystery and prove that you have what it takes to win this challenging horror game!

The house final words letter

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