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Five Night At Freddy’s: Sister Location

About The Sister Location FNAF Game

The Sister Location is a game made by people who made Five Night’s At Freddy’s, this game will be released this year, 2016. It’s one of the best FNAF game and there is a lot of new features and the core of the game will remain the same. The Sister Location online game is available to you to play it on this site whenever you want and from any place, school or work because this is unblocked sister location game. If you are a fan of FNAF franchise then you will love this new click-horror game that will make your blood freeze. Get ready for one of the most popular FNAF horror game that will provide you a new horror story! Play today this first-Person horror survival game!

Sister Location new female Animatronic from the FNAF games
The new female animatronic from the new Five Night At Freddy’s game by name Sister Location and her robotic look

New features

  • New Animatronics
  • New jump scare effects
  • New Robotic Creatures
  • New horror place
  • New functions
  • New story
  • New Night To Survive (6-th nights)

How To Play The Sister Location FNAF Game

The Sister Location is an online game which means that you can play it over the internet without any installation or registration. The Sister Location is also a horror game which means that you will be scared a lot in this game and it’s guarantees you a goosebumps all over your body. Get ready for a new horror story and new animatronics in this Sister Location game. Follow the story that will unfold during the game, find out what truly happened, who is the sister, what is her purpose and what you need to do in order to find out the truth! As in a previous FNAF online horror games, you will need to survive in this game, you will need to come to the end in one piece and that will require speed, good reflexes and good observation of the place. This game you will play using your mouse and the buttons on the mouse. Your main goal is to survive 6 nights and to find the location of the sister while avoiding getting killed by animatronics that will eat you alive first chance they get! Panic, Dread, Terror and scary secrets awaits you in this Sister Location game!

Sister Location horror game menu
Sister Location menu window from which you can start a new game, continue a game from where you left before and some extra options

Conclusion And The Final Words For The Sister Location Game

Finally after so long Five Night’s At Freddy released a new online horror game by name The Sister Location and it’s the game that you can play now from this site, completely free and from any place, school or work. If you are a big fan of FNAF games, horror games, jumpscares games then you will love this new scary game that will delight you! Enjoy in the new features that this game brings, new effects, scary graphics, scary monsters that will make your blood boils and your adrenalin rise when you see them. The rating of this FNAF horror game is 7.3/10 which is really good mark. Prepare your fingers, your eyes and your mind for this challenging horror game and do your best to find The Sister Location and to survive! Prove how good you are in this horror game, show your skills and what you learned by now from FNAF games and enjoy playing! In this part of FNAF The sister Location unblocked game, you will need to survive 6-th nights! Get ready for fear and for blood! Sister Location is a singleplayer, survival horror game. This is also a Psychological horror game with mystery, hidden objects, a lot of action! We will continue to provide you with the latest online FNAF games and other random horror games.

Sister Location female animatronic
Clear look of the new clown looking animatronic from The sister Location FNAF horror game

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