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Create Characters Five

About the Create Characters Five

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Create Characters Five is fan made game inspired from original game Five Nights at Freddy’s that is click point horror game in which you need to survive 5 nights by watching the cameras and observing the robotic creatures by name, Animatronics. If you like Five Nights at freddy’s than you will enjoy in this fan made game where you can put your fears to the test and see how much you can hold yourself before screaming. This horror flash game you can also play with your friends and compete with each other on who can hold longer of not being afraid and who can create robotic creatures better. This game is free online game and you can play it from any place and at any time. We upload only most fun and scary Five nights At Freddy’s mini games so you can have fun!


How To Play Create Characters Five

Create Characters Five you can play in two different modes, you can play Quest Mode in which your task is to match the feature of the “Wanted” Animatronic by creating them to earn experience and new parts with which you can later create much better Animatronics by your taste and like. So You need to watch picture on your right side where robotic creature will be displayed and you need to create exactly the same Animatronic like in that picture and you need to be fast because you are limited with time which means that you don’t have time to waste. You can stop a quest mode any time by just clicking “Stop Quest Mode” on the left side of your screen. You can change eyes, mouth, hat, color of the skin, eyebrows, ears and other parts of Animatronic, you can even change the size and shape of every part. You can name your Animatronic and choose the male or female type.

How to play

Next mode is Surprise Mode where you can choose 5 different Animatronic and wait to be surprised or better said, scared because Animatronic would seem like nice creatures wanting hug, kiss from you or even to pet them but the moment you click on them that smile will disappear from their faces and thy will jump on you with aim to kill you! So, in this Surprise Mode you can test your fears and fears of your friends and so you can compete with each other on who can hold longer. You can save or print any picture of Animatronic that you create so you can show it to your friends and family how creativ you are. You play this horror game using a mouse only. If you are lazy you can choose option “Randomize” where you Animatronic will be build randomly. You can unlock up to 20 parts.You can scan this game using your mobile device or android and in that way install and play the game over your phone.



Create Characters Five is very interesting and fun game where you can test your fears and in the same time you can be creative and create the Animatronics by your taste and liking or you can create every one of original Animatronics and print them at the end so you can have all of them. Prove that you are not scare easily and show how creative you are in building all kind of robotic creatures and test your speed in creating certain Animatronic.


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